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Pond or Lake on your Farm?
   We help you locate suitable land
                  or we can build it
  Farm with 
  Various Crops
  and Mixed

We design farms and acreages, organic or conventional.

Organic Farms, and especially organic Permaculture Farms work with nature, not against nature. It's about thoughtful observation rather than thoughtless labor. 

To learn more, you can take advantage of our free workshop.

Online or in person, this will help show you a path toward

building a good life on a farm or acreage.


At our office we complete the drawings and specs

  If requested by client we can help select a

  builder to handle farm construction.

       Tom Houtman

       North Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7L 4N2


More than a farm, you can include family Recreation

  Some of our clients like to have a Farm plus

  Family enjoyment. For example, you can have a pond

  or lake for swimming, boating, fishing, with lakeside

  cabins, a nine hole Pitch and Putt Golf Course, beach

  volleyball, winter hockey games, and horseback riding.






Reduce your Carbon Footprint 

  Growing crops helps remove 

  carbon from the atmosphere

  while plant roots help deposit and

  store it in the soil.

That's WIN-WIN:

  Removing atmospheric carbon                helps in the fight to slow global               warming while storing it in the

  soil provides major benefits to

  soil and plant health.                                                                        


  We offer a 2 hour session to help           you learn about property search,

  purchase, farm planning, operation       and marketing. 

  Planning is the key

        ......... to ensure peace of mind.


Farm Grants are available for purchase of land, equipment, installation of fencing, irrigation, farm house, barnyard, farm tech upgrades,  (see

                  Our MISSION  is to guide you to a successful farm operation

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