Farm Design

Assist client 

   a) locate a property to develop, or    

   b) develop their existing property 


Prepare a preliminary assessment.

Upon the client's approval we start

design stage and develop the plan

according to their vision 



   DESIGN Process Checklist
    1. Client submits sketches, photos, magazine               articles and ideas
     2. Meet at the site
     3. Prepare the drawings and specs 
          Locate and record site data, GPS, aerial

          photo view(s), district drawings                             4. Establish water rights, power, septic                           and waste situation                                                 5. Add all pertinent information to site                           drawings and specs.                                                 6. Supervise drone fly-over for elevation                         data, prepare contour drawings                           7. Prepare Drainage and Keyline Plan                                                                         

3-D Miniature:

A model of your

farm is a good 

plannning tool

Farm Drawing - Plan View
Permacuture Farm
Following Client Review Meeting
  - Prepare final drawings               
       If client needs help:
  - Assist client locate a builder
  - Meet to discuss and review
       drawings with the builder.
  - Client works with builder during 
       farm construction